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GO Email! Emailing Documents into a Transaction

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2016 02:20PM MST
Ever find yourself on the GO, and you've received a counter offer or other documents from another Realtor. Whether you are on your phone, iPad or at your laptop, its time consuming to download the documents and then upload into repree.  

NOTE: Email must be forwarded from the same email address that is associated with your repree account.

With GO Email, you can now email your documents into repree and file them under the right Client and Transaction.  Here's how it works. 
  1. From your own email client, you can create a new email or forward an email from someone else (Make sure you trust the attachments).  
  2. In the TO Field, enter the email address   
  3. Make sure you are sending (FROM Field) the email from your email address associated with your repree account.  
  4.  Select the attachments you want to upload into repree or if you are forwarding a document.  They should already be included
  5. Now in the body, is where you specify the Client and Transaction.  To indicate the Client you want to file it under, put the Client's name in between C#<Client Name># ex. C#John Smith# and the name of the transaction T#<Transaction Name># ex. T#1 First St.#.  You don't have to have the exact spelling, it just needs to be about 80% correct. *Note: do not use the symbols <  > this is just to indicate client name.
  6. Once you have the Client and Transaction Name indicated in the body of the message, press send!
  7. Once GO processes your email, you will get a response.  

Lastly, here is an email of a GO Email below.


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